Young woman sitting in the lotus pose on a yoga mat outside on her patio on yoga mat, meditating

We Asked Our Community, “Who Inspires You on Your Career Journey?” Here’s What They Said & Why.

From July 28th – 31st, we ran a self-care contest on our Instagram feed @joinoutcomecampusconnect, which asked our community to answer the question, “Who inspires you on your career journey, and why?” to automatically be entered for a chance to win a B Yoga Strong yoga mat. The purpose? Times are tough right now, and we wanted to bring our community together, to inspire each other, uplift one another, and help a handful of post-secondary students by giving them a new (fancy) yoga mat to practice self-care from home – particularly with Fall and winter on the horizon.

The entries we received were AMAZING! We are so grateful to everyone who participated. Here are a few of our winning entries.

“My parents inspire me to go after what I want and encourage me to pursue the career I want. They never put pressure on me and instead just want me to be happy and successful and that has given me the courage to pursue my career goals without hesitation.” – Beata Fourmanovskis

“I’m currently a BScN student in an advanced standing program and if you asked me not even 5 years ago what I wanted to do, it would’ve been anything but nursing. My mother is a registered nurse, and so was my grandmother, plus I have two aunts who are nurses and a cousin and co-sister-in-law. I saw the long days, and terrible nights, when my mother came home exhausted from work and knew that nursing wasn’t for the meek, but she always gave it her all because it was her calling and passion. After I finished my first degree in Animal Science, I studied Kinesiology and loved the science of humans, and realized that I could collaborate my passion for helping others with it into nursing. So, I made up my mind (if anyone knows me they will tell you once my mind is made up then I will walk through a tornado to reach my destination/goal if I have to) and applied to quite a few universities, because it is extremely difficult to be accepted into an advanced standing nursing program, (4 years condensed into 2) and studied my butt off in kinesiology to make the Dean’s list and made it into my first choice of universities! My mother and many other women (hopefully one of my nephews will take up nursing when they grow up) in my family alone have helped shape who I am today to be a knowledge-seeking lady with the courage to follow my dreams. I just finished my first of two years into my nursing degree and am loving every second of it.” – Emily Sutherland, (Dalhousie Alumni, and UNB Advanced BScN)

“I’m a Medical Physics student going into my last year at Ryerson University and also a musician going to release some new music soon! To keep up with both of these worlds, my sister has inspired me! She’s been my rock, told me to be myself and be proud of who I am. She gives me the strength to keep pursuing science and music with all my passion and creativity, and heal together in yoga.” – Nicky Nivi

Thank you SO MUCH to our inspiring OCC community. We are grateful for all the hard work that you continue to do in pursuit of your dreams. Employers, nationwide, are looking for post-secondary or recent graduate talent, just like you, on the OCC network now. Sign-in or up to access opportunities and connect with experience today.

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