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Get Career-Ready While Solving Real-World Problems With Prepr on OCC

We’re excited to announce that this Monday, December 14th, 2020, Prepr challenges will be available as opportunities on OCC.

Challenges give you the opportunity to tackle structured real-world problems on your own or in teams, giving you the skills and portfolio employers want. Challenges administered by Prepr are categorized as:


  • Future Challenges – get involved and learn more about the latest industry-specific advancements and shifting needs
  • Prepr Challengesgain skills with MarTech, AdTech, FinTech, Blockchain Technology, Cyber Security, and other technologies that can build solutions to address global issues
  • Global Challenges – contribute to overcoming global hurdles like food security, equality, clean water accessibility, education, affordable energy, and more.


If your school is a partner with OCC, they simply have to turn on the feed of Prepr challenges and you will see them all next week!

Get experience. Get hired. Stay inspired,

The Team at OCC