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Skip the Mood Board. This Year, Envisioning Your Future is as Easy as Beginning.

Manifesting your dreams is nice but have you tried taking action too? Our network has been busy with remote internships, co-ops, work placements, research projects, and job opportunity postings from employers, nationwide, looking for post-secondary student or recent graduate talent just. like. you. Why not start this year by joining O.C.C and see where these opportunities can take you!? (But don’t lose the mood boards and manifesting, our team will never quit Pinterest or deep breathing…that stuff is LEGIT too!)

Here are just a handful of jobs on O.C.C now. In the spirit of the new year, we’re going with, well, TWENTY-ONE:


  1. Services Support Rep, CX Solutions
  2. Indigenous Agriculture/AgriFoods Sector Research Assistant, Indigenous Works
  3. Legal Administrative Assitant, David Borrie Paralegal Services
  4. Residence Workers, WJS Canada
  5. Training Intern (Summer), Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
  6. Customer Success Associate, Seamless MD
  7. Administrative Assistant, Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity
  8. Registered Psychotherapist, CBI Health Group
  9. Herbicide Applicator, KenCo Environmental
  10. Senior Software Engineer, SpaceRyde
  11. Illustrator/Animator, Sandbox
  12. Occupational Hygiene Specialist, Pinchin
  13. Bilingual Research Associate, CoStar Group
  14. Coding Instructor, Coding Ninjas
  15. Juniour Geotechnical/Geological Engineers or Geoscientists, BCG Engineering
  16. Visiting Nurse, Care Partners
  17. Landscaping, NBRIMA
  18. Video Sales Consultant, Vistek
  19. Full-Time K-12 Classroom Teachers, Teach for Canada
  20. Bicycle Rental Assistant, County Bike Rentals
  21. Architectural Technologist, Amsted Design-Build


Sign-in to start tomorrow, today (your future, you know what we’re saying here!). Signing up is easy and free for all university and college students or recent grads across Canada.

Oh, and, Happy New Year!!!!!